Choosing Best Android Applications in 2021

Android phones & tablets are an amazing handheld device that can do more than just snapping selfies & posting on the social media sites. With the perfect software, it becomes really easy to transform the Android devices in a graphic design canvas, mobile workstation, movie theater, and anything made for play or work. Downloading these apps is simple; but finding the right app is a challenge. For this reason, we have listed top android phone applications that will make your work a bit easier.

Find My Device by Google

This is one of the best android apps that comes handy for theft and loss of the device. It’s very simple to use, and helps you to find your device when it goes missing or reset the pin and passcode, and the best part about this app is you may delete your data if you want. Geolocation & erasing data are some attractive features this app comes with. It is the top free Android apps, which helps to stay connected & secure your device.

Calibre Companion

It is yet another ebook management app, and is ideal companion. With some clicks, you may add book from the computer to eReader on Wi-Fi or USB. You can store the ebooks on cloud for simple access from anywhere. What is very surprising is how nicely this app works & how simple it is to work over. Suppose you have got plenty of ebooks & ready to check Amazon, it is the best app to choose.


DrawPortal is the drawing application with neat collaboration tools. With this you can easily draw on own or you can invite your friend. Both of you can easily draw together. Being the drawing app, this has got a few decent functions. There’s the pan & zoom feature all along with the transparent layers, undo function for tools, and lefty and righty mode that depends on the preference. It is relatively inexpensive & kid-friendly.


PopFaces is the best Android free apps that provide you a power of the facial recognition in your hands and get relevant info about the celebrities instantly. It’s an only app that uses real identification technology. If you want to get started, then you have to download this app, and check out the list of popular people from their given categories. When you find your celebrity, just click on its name & read information within seconds.